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Mitsubishi Heavy Industries recognises Singer Sri Lanka for outstanding performance


Sep 10, 2020

Singer Sri Lanka PLC has been commended for its exceptional sales performances, best sales improvement and their contribution for VRF Inverter Multi system Air Conditioning Solutions of Mitsubishi Heavy Industries.

Singer Sri Lanka has been a partner of Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Air Conditioner sales in Sri Lanka since 2015. The global integrated business enterprise Mitsubishi is a reputed multinational, headquartered in Japan and is present in 90 countries. Mitsubishi Heavy Industries – is a leader in the global air conditioning industry. Presently, Mitsubishi Heavy Industries manufactures superior quality air conditioners with a capacity of more than 20 million units since its launch.

With the rise of construction projects (especially condominiums and office buildings), demand for air-conditioners in Sri Lanka is on a steady rise. Interestingly, Sri Lankan air conditioner buyers demand more and more highly efficient ‘inverter’ equipped AC units. In this background, Mitsubishi Air Conditioner units distributed by Singer Lanka have been successfully meeting the consumer needs leading to a substantial growth in overall Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Air Conditioner sales in Sri Lanka. This includes VRF inverter multi-system Air Conditioners (KX) 2019, for which the Mitsubishi Heavy Industries was pleased, and praised Singer Sri Lanka for its exceptional performance. Singer’s contribution for Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Air Conditioners was commended under the ‘Best Sales Improvement for KX’ category in Y2019.

Mahesh Wijewardene, Group Chief Executive Officer of Singer Sri Lanka  PLC stated, “As a leading  solutions provider in the air conditioning business, Singer’s ability to collaboratively serve the Sri Lankan market, together with the reputed global brand Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, highlights our commitment and ability to fulfill the vision of our partners. Singer Sri Lanka PLC pays particular attention on the brands that we work with and their product quality. The stringent quality standard and environmentally-safe technology are reasons for higher consumer interests towards the brand. Backed with Singer’s trusted service pledge and well known technical assistance, customers are provided with an ultimate benefit of owning a high quality air conditioner and after sales service support”.

Throughout the Mitsubishi partnership, Singer Sri Lanka has been marketing and servicing Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Industrial/Commercial and Residential use air conditioners, including Single and Multi-Split Inverter/Non-inverter types of residential air conditioners, Single and Multi-Split  Inverter/Non-inverter types of Industrial/Commercial air conditioners, and all inverter type commercial use solutions of VRF (Variable Refrigerant Flow). 

Singer (Sri Lanka) is at the forefront of retail segment with a portfolio of over 600 electronic items, 1200 home appliances and boasts more than 50 internationally renowned brands. With over 430 retail outlets, Singer has propelled into become a dominant player offering best in class in after sales services. It is renowned for offering consumers a wide range of top-quality international brands, engaging with its consumer base through the largest distribution network in Sri Lanka consisting of retail stores and dealers. The company was adjudged as the premier People’s Brand in Sri Lanka for thirteen consecutive years.

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