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The Big Bad Wolf Online Book Sale to howl until October 8 by popular demand


Oct 6, 2020

Ensures a smoother experience through essential technical advisory

The World’s Biggest Book Sale, returning via www.bigbadwolfbooks.lk this year will be extended beyond the scheduled closure date, initially from 4th October, to 11.59pm on 8th October. This update comes as a result of the considerable number of fans and book buffs requesting for more order time as a result of the unprecedented number of users browsing their desired collections. The Big Bad Wolf Team has taken the decision to extend the Sale by four more days providing its loyal fans an improved shopping experience.  

Commenting on the Sale’s extension, Jacqueline Ng, Co-Founder of Big Bad Wolf Books said: “We experienced an overwhelming response on the first three days of the Sale and we want to treat our fans for their enthusiasm and passion extended towards all of us. We really appreciate and value all the feedback given. We have managed to resolve and cater to all queries plus requests made together with the support of our technical and customer support team who have being working tirelessly around the clock. The extension gives our fans more time and opportunity to further explore the variety of books available this year through the reader’s portal”.

Customers are advised that once the cartcheckout is clicked, the Website will be redirected to the respective payment gateway pages which are powered by PayHere and Sampath Bank. The team requests customers to click “view cart” in order to finalize an order and proceed to checkout once the customer is ready to make the payment through their preferred mode of payment by their respective banks. Non Sampath Bank customers are also encouraged to speak to their respective card centres in order to enable the online payment facility ensuring a hassle free transaction process, as some debit cards by default do not have this facility activated. For all online transactions made by Sampath Bank Cards, fans will receive a One-Time Password (OTP) via SMS enabling a more secure transaction. Assurance for the transactions can be obtained through an acknowledgement receipt/invoice and through your respective credit or debit card financial institution. Fans are also requested to enable SMS notifications on their mobile phone in order to receive the OTP message. It is also advised to the customer to ensure and double check the order numbers are the same at an event if one receives an order cancellation message from the respective financial institution. The order duplication message may occur as a result of refreshing ones cart details.

The technical team further explained “Once you are in the payment page it is advised to refrain from refreshing or exiting the page. If you do so the order placed will be automatically cancelled. You will need to login one more time to your respective account and retrieve the already cancelled order or to re-order your favourite selections. In an event of you receiving a “payment failure” or “cancelled order” message it is advised to contact your respective bank and financial institution via their cards call centre in order to understand the prerequisites required in order for you to complete your purchase, which is not limited to 3DS authentication failure and card permission, which would determine and grant you a hassle free shopping experience”.

Team Big Bad Wolf is even now better equipped to serve and cater to the growing demand of its Online Book Sale which has given all Sri Lankans a new online shopping experience. For support fans are requested to either Direct Message The Big Bad Wolf Books Facebook or message through the online Support Help Centre which will be immediately attended to. The pandemic has increased social media and E-commerce usage making most people a part of the E-commerce community. This made it easier for the fans of the Sale to share their grievances with the Big Bad Wolf Team who took immediate action to ensure that fans would not be disappointed.

As the considerable number of orders from the first days of the sale are being processed, Team Big Bad Wolf is making preparations to now send out the first shipment of books in the next few days. Further ensuring customer satisfaction, the books being shipped from Malaysia are not subjected to any international shipping charges and domestic courier charges for books being delivered to the doorsteps are at surprisingly low rates. In addition, customers will not need to pay domestic courier charges for any order above Rs. 8000 in a single receipt.

Book lovers are invited to browse through the book collection on sale at www.bigbadwolfbooks.lk and can tune in for the latest Book Sale updates through Facebook at www.facebook.com/bbwbookssrilanka and Instagram www.instagram.com/bigbadwolfbooks_lk.


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Preparations underway for the first shipment of books

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