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Ceylon Chamber of Commerce has been certified as a great workplace

The Ceylon Chamber of Commerce has been certified as a great workplace by research and
consulting firm Great Place to Work® in Sri Lanka.

The Ceylon Chamber was awarded this certification based on extensive ratings provided by
employees which address key areas of employee satisfaction. These include the supportiveness
of the work environment, job satisfaction, opportunities for professional development and career
progression, workplace flexibility, incentives, transparency, etc.

Employee feedback obtained through an anonymous survey conducted by Great Place to Work
®, indicated that employees highly value the supportive, encouraging and appreciative work
environment. Of particular note is the empowerment afforded to employees, where staff are
given the opportunity to ‘be creative and take proactive action…. leadership has trust in the work
you carry out and give space to take leadership in the assigned work, regardless of the
management level you are assigned to’.

Amidst the current economic challenges, the employees are also overwhelmingly appreciative of
the flexible work schedules, commenting that the Chamber offers ‘flexible place and working
time to work as long as you have done your days job’, focusing on the end output rather than the
work process itself.

Great Place to Work®, headquartered in the USA, is the global authority on high-trust, high-
performance workplace cultures. Through proprietary assessment tools, advisory services, and
certification programs, including Best Workplaces lists and workplace reviews, Great Place to
Work provides the benchmarks, framework, and expertise needed to create, sustain, and
recognize outstanding workplace cultures.

‘Being officially recognised as a great workplace based on employee feedback is testament to
the value we place on inculcating a supportive environment that facilitates high standards of
work, personal development and employee satisfaction, which is perhaps one of the most
defining aspects of the Ceylon Chamber’s work ethos’, Manjula de Silva, Secretary General and
CEO of the Ceylon Chamber stated.

“We applaud the Ceylon Chamber of Commerce for seeking employees’ feedback and the
opportunity to certify itself,” said Kshanika Ratnayake, CEO of Great Place to Work® in Sri
Lanka. “These ratings measure its capacity to earn its own employees’ trust and create a great
workplace – critical metrics that anyone considering working for or doing business with the
Ceylon Chamber should take into account as an indicator of high performance.”

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