• Wed. Jun 12th, 2024

Colombo Bourse settled firmly in the green zone trading positively throughout the day, continuing its upward trend for the third consecutive day, recording the biggest gain in the past month. Market confidence was carried forward to today from the earlier agreement with the Official Creditor Committee(OCC), led by the Paris Club and India with the index closing at 10,720, 126 points higher than the previous session.

The market growth was led predominantly by banking counters such as Commercial Bank, DFCC Bank, HNB and Sampath Bank. The Market turnover was recorded at Rs.962.2 million, which is 7.1% lower than the monthly average of Rs.1.0 billion. The Banking sector was the largest contributor towards the overall turnover with them alone contributing 36.9% of total turnover. Crossing transactions took place on Sampath Bank, , Lion Brewery and Expolanka Holdings, with the largest being on Expo. In addition,foreign investors remained net buyers.

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