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Huawei Tech Devices: Perfect Companions for Business Professionals


Apr 16, 2020

Huawei, the innovative smartphone manufacturer, is known for rolling out feature packed devices, be it smartphones, tablets or other tech gadgets. Huawei yet again proves its competence in delivering an unmatched user experience with its innovative additions: Huawei Media Pad T5, Huawei Nova 7i and Huawei Free buds 3, all of which are capable of connecting with each other for multi-faceted purposes. Having entered the market, these three products became great hits among Sri Lankans by being helpmates for professional work as well as for entertainment on the go.

The 10.1 inch Huawei Media Pad T5 has all it takes to deliver a powerful performance alongside its highly portable nature. Weighing only 460g, this light device has a nod over laptops and PCs when it comes to the carrying requirements for business tours and travelling purposes. It is quite capable of getting work done in a more flexible manner and is a perfect companion for presentations as well. The larger screen brings a mini-laptop kind of experience where users can turn on either portrait or landscape modes.

This 4G enabled device is handy for internet browsing as it provides faster internet connectivity and it is good for note taking as well. Now with the tablet in hand, users will no longer have to hunt for Wi-Fi, all they need is to just power on and be online. Performance-wise, there is no lagging, thanks to the octa core processor and it takes only a few seconds to power on and wake up initially. Battery duration is one key aspect taken into consideration by the professionals behind the device and Media Pad T5 never disappoints with the 5100 mAh, capable of getting them through the day with minimum power consumption. Its eye comfort mode aids reading purposes and the larger screen provides an alternative for reading now with ample E-books available on internet.

Apart from being an assistant for professional and business purposes, Media Pad T5 can be utilized as a teaching aid to conduct lessons in a classroom and is ideal for educational purposes as well. Full HD vivid display is a treat to the eyes when watching movies and videos and it is also capable of storing files, videos, photos and even films with the dedicated storage. Notably, its dual speakers bring a seamless entertainment at home or while on the go making it a comprehensive solution for myriad purposes.

Huawei Nova 7i is another feature packed device and a key addition to Huawei’s innovative smartphone range. A collaboration of Huawei Nova 7i and Media Pad T5 provides all it takes to have a work-life balance. The Huawei share feature available in Nova 7i is capable of mirroring phone screen to the tablet, letting the users take control of the mobile via tablet. Now file sharing has a new chapter with Huawei share feature which enables sharing smartphone’s data into the tablet or vice versa. Nova 7i and Media Pad T5 are a good combination to use for professional purposes.

Huawei Free Buds 3 is another addition that is helpful for getting work done on the go. It helps users avoid the distraction of bulky wires while working at the office or while walking. Huawei Free Buds 3 is designed for active usage and users can wear this anywhere, anytime to seamlessly answer phone calls and listen to music through bluetooth connectivity. Its active noise cancellation feature that avoids background noise is an important feature of clarity when making calls. It also comes with a compact charging case and is capable of using for more than 20 hours which is a great news for working professionals. Huawei Free Buds 3 is capable of using with both Huawei Media Pad T5 and Huawei Nova 7i, thereby making all 3 products vastly helpful, individually as well as together.

Huawei Media Pad T5, Huawei Nova 7i and Huawei Free Buds 3 are available at all Huawei experience shops, Singer outlets and are available to order online through Daraz.lk.

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