• Sun. May 26th, 2024

Inter-relationship between related government institutions critical to enhance the Ease of Doing Business Rankings

When dealing with raising the value of Sri Lanka’s ease of doing business index, there should be an inter-relationship between related government institutions, Madhura Withanage said.

He made these remarks recently when the Select Committee of Parliament to study the practical problems and difficulties that have arisen in relation to enhancing the rank in the Ease of Doing Business Index in Sri Lanka and make its proposals and recommendations met under his Chairmanship in Parliament.

Officials representing 8 Presidential Task Forces established under the Office of the President’s Secretariat for Business Facilitation in Sri Lanka were present for this committee and they pointed out the concerns and suggestions related to raising the index of ease of doing business in their respective fields by way of presentations.

Mainly matters related to the financial sector and land and property registration were discussed, and the committee was of the opinion that the efficiency of the work can be increased by using online technology in the related fields. Furthermore, there was a long discussion about the support that the Central Bank of Sri Lanka can provide in terms of starting new businesses and encouraging entrepreneurs.

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