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Clogard lends a helping hand towards protecting Sri Lanka’s environment and heritage at Sri Paada


Jun 16, 2021

Devotees receive the Clay Water Bottles.

Clogard, one of Sri Lanka’s leading oral care brands lent a helping hand to the Department of Wildlife Conservation in pioneering a social endeavor aiming to protect the ecosystem surrounding the sacred Sri Paada. A series of initiatives were carried out in the backdrop of escalating plastic pollution on the Sri Paada site which is home to a rich bio-diversity.

Keeping true to their core purpose of Strong Roots and Strong Bonds, Clogard’s reasons for engaging with this project were twofold. As a truly Sri Lankan brand, that has been a staple of Sri Lankan culture and heritage for decades, the brand felt that it was important to build awareness and preserve the very roots of Sri Lankan culture, in order to help the land flourish, while also educating the Sri Lankan people on the proper methods of disposing of plastic in order to preserve the environment for both themselves and their fellow Sri Lankans. This campaign was titled ‘Jala Mula Rakimu Samanola Gira’

At the heart of this project which was conducted from April to May was an initiative to raise awareness among the pilgrims on the proper disposal of plastic in a manner which does not harm the environment. The Clogard team came forward to display awareness boards along the route to Sri Paada, as reminders to protect the sacred site from plastic pollution. The team also volunteered in collecting the plastic debris along the Sri Paada route and handed over those to a designated garbage collector.

Moreover, Clogard continued its efforts towards a plastic-free environment by giving away clay bottles to pilgrims, encouraging them to minimize plastic usage and set up purified drinking water facility at Indikatupaana, Seetha gangula and Rathu ambalama for the convenience of pilgrims.

A Clove infused aromatic Breath Freshener was given to the pilgrims to fully refresh them on their journey. The breath freshener is made up of clove, known to fight germs, cubed sugar candy which is generally used for throat soothing and the antioxidant spice cardamom.  The Clove, which is also the principal ingredient in Clogard toothpaste has been used by Sri Lankans for millennia to fight germs and preserve oral health and hygiene.

Commenting on the project, Derrick Anthony General Manager – Marketing, Personal Care at Hemas Consumer said, “We are indeed proud to have led a series of initiatives with a strong passion to preserve this sacred site and make it a plastic-free environment. Irresponsible dumping of plastic is a wide spread issue not only seen at Sri Paada, but also in every part of the island. While awareness campaigns and initiatives can minimize the impact of plastic pollution to some extent, it is the responsibility of each individual who visit these places to protect the environment we all depend on.”

As a brand with truly Sri Lankan values embedded, Clogard lent a hand for this social endeavor at a time when the surroundings of Sri Paada are in danger from irresponsible disposal of plastic. In fact, human intervention on these ecosystems, such as deforestation and environmental pollution have major environmental implications, while some ecosystems have already bean irreparably damaged. At a time when natural ecosystems are declining at a rapid pace, and the entire world is grappling with humanity’s greatest challenges, such as Covid-19 and climate change, it is high time that people understand their role to play in ensuring that bio-diversity loss and environment pollution are minimized. Clogard will continue to support endeavors that contribute to protecting and preserving our heritage.

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