• Wed. Jul 24th, 2024

COPF raps Finance Ministry over its failure in recovering the loss incurred by the Sugar Tax Scam

The Committee on Public Finance (COPOF) questioned the officials representing the Ministry of Finance regarding the action taken to recover the loss incurred by the Sugar Tax Scam in Sri Lanka. the Committee expressed its displeasure as the Ministry of Finance has failed to take action in this regard as yet.

The matter arose at the Committee on Public Finance held recently in Parliament under the Chairmanship of the protem Chair Patali Champika Ranawaka, in the absence of its Chair (Dr.) Harsha de Silva.

The Committee questioned why the Inland Revenue Department in consultation with the Attorney General has not yet taken action in this regard. Accordingly, the officials present in representation of the Ministry of Finance stated that they have been updating the Committee on Public Accounts regarding the progress and that the Attorney General’s Department has advised that as there was a case pending in this regard, proceeding forth would follow post the determination.

The Committee then inquired whether action could be instituted if the relevant parties withdraw the pending case in court. Accordingly, the Committee requested the Attorney General’s Department to have the Committee informed regarding the stated concern with immediate effect.

The Committee also raised concerns over the failure of the Ministry of Finance to have the Committee informed regarding the issues raised previously pertaining to the Regulations published in the Gazette issued under the Regulations under the Imports and Exports Controls Act on wheat flour.

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