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In May of last year, DFCC Bank became the first in the country’s banking industry to join hands with Finetech Sri Lanka and implement Google Workspace (formerly known as G Suite). Following the completion of many automation projects under this partnership, DFCC has made significant strides in terms of value additions to both customers and staff.

DFCC Bank has understood the importance of internal digital transformation to support external transformation, to complete the digital transformation cycle, and provide optimum experience to their valued customers with the bank’s vision of becoming the most customer-centric and digitally driven bank by the year 2025. The tools provided by the Google Workspace Enterprise Edition have supported the automation of many processes within the bank, leading to faster customer services while eliminating human errors and resulting in profound customer loyalty. 

One practical application of this is the fee reversal approvals process. Automation workflow built using Google Workspace tools has allowed this application to handle fee reversal requests raised by customers through DFCC Bank’s dedicated call center. Assisting with keeping track of requests received as well as the status of requests raised, timely delivery of service has been enabled, thereby greatly enhancing the overall customer experience. 

The bank also plans to launch a Credit Card Delivery Tracker which allows the receiving customer to track the status of delivery in real time. Also acting as an extra safety measure, this tracker will ensure that no fraudulent activities take place. With this tracker, manual processes such as notifying relevant customers, identifying delays in the delivery process, and notifying couriers will be eliminated. 

Digitalization has benefited the staff of DFCC as well, embracing the change from paper-based processes to seamlessly efficient digital processes. One such example is the Vehicle Requisition Management application. This allows staff to request vehicles for their official purposes digitally with relevant approvals. While adding value to the users, this process has allowed the transport department to optimize vehicle usage by synchronizing user requests with available vehicles in the fleet while minimizing use of external cabs. The usage is also optimized by the in-built online vehicle tracker using Google Maps.

With regard to boarding new staff members, the Personal File Checklist application has facilitated the functions of the HR department at DFCC Bank. With the help of this application, the HR department can keep a track of the document which are collected from new employees, thus streamlining the entire process. 

Commenting on the use of Google Workspace, the CEO of DFCC Bank Mr. Lakshman Silva had this to say, “For DFCC Bank, digitalization isn’t an option. It is an essential transformation that is taking place with each addition of technology. Through the services provided to us, by the tools of Google Workspace, we can ensure that the integrity of our customer service and staff retention will grow by leaps and bounds as we look towards the future”.

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