• Tue. Jul 9th, 2024

DIMO acquires Germany-based EgeSun GmbH’s local subsidiary, Tropical Health Food for Rs.450.08 million

Diesel & Motor Engineering PLC (DMO) acquired a 94.45% stake in Germany-based EgeSun GmbH’s subsidiary, Tropical Health Food (THF) Pvt Limited for Rs.450.08 million yesterday.

The owner of EgeSun, Orhan Yilmaz transferred 23.6 million shares in its stated Capital to DIMO for Rs.450.08 million.

Tropical Health Food (Pvt) Ltd was established in 1994 to process and export organic foods for European Market. The company is an approved project of the Board of Investment of Sri Lanka (BOI) and is 100% foreign investment from Germany. It is the first Organic Food Exporting Company in Sri Lanka under organic certification of Control Union-Netherland.

The raw materials sourced by Tropical Health Food is being sold under Morgenland brand.

Egesun pays 15 to 20 percent more for certified organic goods and further supports contract farmers by bearing the costs of training, advising, organic controls (Control Union, Demeter), quality controls and laboratory testing.

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