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eMarketingEye Outlines Digital Insights that Help Hospitality Industry Overcome COVID-19 Impact


Apr 21, 2020

As the world races to curb the spread of the deadly COVID-19 disease, eMarketingEye (www.emarketingeye.com), the award-winning Digital Marketing Agency has taken progressive steps to assist Sri Lanka’s struggling Hospitality industry by sharing a detailed analysis and strategy paper on the impact of the COVID-19 on the industry.

The report titled “Digital Insights, Trends and Strategy on Sri Lanka’s Hospitality Industry: Impact of COVID-19 Outbreak and Planning for Recovery”, was put together by the experts at eMarketingEye and can now be downloaded by visiting https://www.emarketingeye.com/digital-insights-trends-and-strategy-on-sri-lankas-hospitality-industry.html

The rapid spreading of the COVID-19 disease across the globe has resulted in millions being infected and thousands succumbing to it. Economies have been brought to a standstill and a global recession is imminent as the world struggles to come to terms with the unprecedented impact of this fast-spreading pandemic. With travel Industry becoming one of the most severely affected industries due to the current pandemic, Hotels and Travel companies across the globe have faced major operational and functional setbacks due to various lockdowns and travel restrictions imposed by governments across the globe.

eMarketingEye team came together during this time of need, to come up with a detailed digital insights, trends and strategy report, which provides recommendations on actions that can be taken during this time of disruption so that hotels and travel companies are better-informed and well-prepared to return to business operations once the situation is back to normal.

When compiling the report, eMarketingEye carried out a detailed study on the website analytics of nearly 100 hotels and resorts in Sri Lanka located in all parts of the country, the digital marketing campaigns which are managed by the company.

Travel demand for Sri Lanka during a period of around 90 days was closely monitored using the metrics of website traffic, online bookings, revenue and conversion rate, and was compared against the corresponding period of 2019. Google Trends data was used to analyse and further evaluate the impact on overall travel related search behaviour on Google as well as the impact of this event on APAC and Sri Lanka.

One of the key highlights of this report is the 05 Step Approach on areas to focus, recommendation and actions to be taken during this time of disruption, so that hotels can come out ready and ahead of the game once the situation is back to normal. In addition, a section on the report is dedicated for Hoteliers as “Do your Homework” highlighting digital marketing activities they can take care of while they are at home.

Expressing his views on the company’s latest initiative towards helping the Hotel and Travel industry, Rajitha Dahanayake – CEO of eMarketingEye stated, “Sri Lanka is facing an unprecedented challenge in the form of this COVID-19 pandemic and we must all work together to overcome this. Every individual and organisation can play a part in making things better especially during tough times like these. As a responsible organisation, we have also extended our support to the Government and the people of Sri Lanka in different ways. We are in the process of offering more complimentary solutions to companies that are in need of support during these times – without charging any set-up fees. We are also working on offering our clients flexible packages, easing terms and conditions and providing several other benefits. We are ready to offer our support to companies across all industries as most of them need a helping hand during these challenging times.”

In the face of such difficult circumstances, eMarketingEye is keeping a positive outlook on the prospects for the Hospitality industry given that the industry has demonstrated its resilience on countless occasions in the past. With the aim of helping the industry recover from this most recent setback, eMarketingEye’s premier destination website promoting the island ‘Truly Sri Lanka’ (www.trulysrilanka.com) is offering all local hotels an opportunity to be featured on the website for free. The company invites all hospitality brandsto register on this website and gain access to a wide range of benefits. A Destination Marketing Plan is to be prepared to help Sri Lanka’s hospitality industry and companies who are registered in the Truly Sri Lanka website will benefit from free exposure and listings via all digital marketing activities carried out by it, including SEO, PPC, Social Media and many more.

The unveiling of this report is the second initiative by the company to help in efforts to mitigate the impact of the Coronavirus disease (COVID-19). As the first signs of the disease emerged in Sri Lanka, the company jumped into action by launching the website “Sri Lanka Stay Safe” – www.srilankastaysafe.com, a comprehensive website that offers the most up-to-date information on COVID-19 in one place, including key topics such as symptoms, prevention, FAQs, latest news and updates.

eMarketingEye is the largest digital marketing agency in Sri Lanka and the only one specialising in the Travel and Hospitality industry. Established in 2007, the agency has grown to be one of the best in the Asian region over the past 13 years, having gained international recognition for its expertise in providing end-to-end digital marketing solutions to the Travel and Hospitality industry. eMarketingEye offers the total range of digital marketing services from Website Design and Development to performance driven Search Marketing and Social Media solutions along with an array of innovative digital products.

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