• Wed. Jul 24th, 2024

 Presidential Task Forces Presents proposals  to enhance Sri Lanka’s rank in the Ease of Doing Business Index

Officials representing the 8 Presidential Task Forces established under the Presidential Secretariat to enhance the Ease of Doing Business in Sri Lanka recently presented the issues and proposals to the ‘Select Committee of Parliament to study the practical problems and difficulties that have arisen in relation to enhancing rank in the Ease of Doing Business Index in Sri Lanka and make its proposals and recommendations’.

These matters were discussed when the said committee met in Parliament recently under the chairmanship of Member of Parliament Madhura Withanage.

The heads representing the Sri Lanka Customs, Ministry of Justice, Urban Development Authority, and other government agencies representing the Presidential Task Forces established in relation to business facilitation in Sri Lanka presented detailed information to the committee.

In relation to business, promoting online systems, reducing human involvement, reducing time spent as much as possible and increasing efficiency were discussed at length. Also, the action plans of the 8 presidential task forces were also discussed here and the Parliamentarians present inquired about the registration of a business, its improvement and the support that can be provided by the public sector.

Also, the committee’s attention was drawn to the issues existing in the judicial sector regarding the facilitation of business in Sri Lanka and the related solutions, especially the cases in the Commercial High Court.

Here, the chairman of this committee, Member of Parliament Madhura Withanage pointed out that it is important to prepare awareness programs from the regional secretariat level regarding each of these aspects.

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