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Prima Ceylon says has 3-month wheat flour security for Sri Lanka to fight Coronavirus


Mar 24, 2020

Prima Ceylon (Pvt) Ltd, Sri Lanka’s largest flour miller said it had a three month supply of wheat and had the capacity to distribute it to any part of the country as the island battled a Coronavirus pandemic which originated from China.

“Even in the event of more stringent measures being adopted within the country, with the cooperation of the Government, Prima has the ability to ship flour through its road, rail, and sea distribution network, the firm said in a statement.

“This will ensure the continuous supply of flour for the country to consumers, as well as for bakeries and other flour-based industries. Therefore, no shortage of wheat flour is envisaged during this period in the country.

“In addition, the company has sufficient stock to meet 3 months of national domestic consumption.”

Prima has also given 222 tonnes of wheat, chicken, sausages and 100,000 eggs to the ministry of Agriculture to be given to Coronavirus quarantine centres. (Colombo/Mar24/2020)

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