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Register with a Huawei ID, Upgrade Huawei Mobile Cloud and enjoy exciting gifts


Jun 4, 2021

Huawei, the global smartphone brand has not just been inspiring the world with disruptive hardware technologies, it has also been introducing cutting-edge database technologies and IoT services to transform the digital space. Huawei Mobile Cloud is one such innovative data storage platform that enables the user to securely store all data, including photos, videos, and documents for future access. It works as a one-stop destination to store, back up and sync data whilst enabling the user to access it from any device. Offering a comprehensive 9-layer security to secure data and protect privacy, Huawei Cloud is recognized as the most secure way to store and defend data for digital natives.

With Huawei Cloud, the user can schedule automatic cloud backups for data including images, contacts, messages, notes, calendars and even data on some third party apps. In case the smartphone is lost or broken, the user can still access the cloud and transfer data to any other device with the touch of a button. Huawei Cloud enables the user to manage the device space by saving all images, videos and other files to the Cloud. Its Find Device option allows the user to locate a lost device easily, put it to lost mode or either wipe its data as a stringent safety measure. Huawei Cloud can be accessed 24/7 by simply logging in and a host of versatile features await the tech enthusiasts.

To access the Huawei Cloud, every user is required to register with a Huawei ID, which is the gateway to access innovative software solutions offered by Huawei.  To register with a Huawei ID, go to “Settings”> tap on “Log in with Huawei ID”> tap on “Register”> enter a valid phone number or email address for the verification process> enter the verification code which is sent to your mobile number. After the verification is successful, enter a password to complete the registration. By having a Huawei ID, you can access the entire features of Huawei Cloud, Huawei AppGallery, Themes and more.

The users who have successfully registered with a Huawei ID can easily enable Huawei Cloud and unlock the next generation cloud services. To log in with Huawei Mobile Cloud: go to “Settings”> tap on “Account center”> tap on “Cloud” and fill the details to enter Huawei Cloud. All new Huawei Cloud users are entitled to 5GB of free cloud storage which can be used to sync photos, back up important data, save documents and more.

In an effort to provide more benefits to Cloud users, Huawei has launched a Cloud Storage Lucky draw campaign from 1st of June to 31st June, offering exciting gifts for winners. Huawei users who upgrade their Cloud storage to the standard 50GB plan or above during 1st of June to 31st June are eligible to win a stylish Huawei Nova 7 SE smartphone, five Huawei Watch Fit devices and four Huawei Band 6 devices. To upgrade the Huawei Cloud storage: go to “Settings”> tap on “Log in with Huawei ID”> tap on “Cloud”> tap on “Upgrade Cloud Space”, select the preferred plan and proceed to buy.

Commenting on the new Cloud promotion, Peter Liu, Country Head of Huawei Devices Sri Lanka, said, “Huawei Cloud is the safest and the most convenient storage solution where all data can be accessed on the go in one place. Soon after its launch, Huawei Cloud has transformed to be the most preferred storage solution for people around the world. If you are looking for optimal security and privacy, Huawei Mobile Cloud is the ideal solution. We invite all Huawei Cloud users to join the lucky draw and win exciting gifts throughout this month.”

Huawei Cloud users may upgrade the cloud storage based on the personal requirements which is available as annual subscriptions. The subscriptions range from 50GB Standard plan, 200GB plus plan and 2048GB Premium plan, which will be auto-renewed at the end of each billing cycle. The relevant charges applicable for each package will be deducted from the payment method provided by the user. The Cloud subscription can be cancelled at any time while the user can still manage and download data in the Huawei Cloud even after the cancellation, except for uploading new files.

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