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Gulam Chatoor the present Chairman of Saboor Chatoor (Private) Ltd, one of the leading spice exporters of Sri Lanka records nearly seven decades of piloting the company. To date, Gulam Chatoor continues to be one of the most knowledgeable and respected maestros in the business arena.

Chatoor founded and established the Spices & Allied Products Producers & Traders’ Association in 1984 in a bid to enable its members, comprising exporters, producers, processors, dealers, brokers, and other service providers associated with the spice industry and other such agricultural products, to make representation, with one voice to the State Authorities on policy matters relating to them and to act in unison in strategies on increasing their production and exports from Sri Lanka. The Association also instills discipline and order within the Industry.

Chatoor has been Chairman of the prestigious Ceylon Chamber of Commerce from 1986-1989 and continued to be associated with the Ceylon Chamber of Commerce by serving as the representative of the Spices & Allied Products Producers & Traders’ Association (SAPPTA) on the Ceylon Chamber of Commerce Committee since 1975. Some of the positions held by Mr. Chatoor were; Founder Chairman of the Spices & Allied Products’ Producers’ And Traders Associations (SAPPTA) – (1984); President, National Chamber of Commerce – (1983 to 85); Chairman, Ceylon Chamber of Commerce – (1986 to 89); President, Rotary Club of Colombo (1979 to 80). Chatoor was a former  Director, of the Export Development Board (1989 to 1992)  and the Colombo Stock Exchange (1983 to 1984). He has represented Sri Lanka and The Ceylon Chamber of Commerce at many local and international forums.

In 2017  with his bountiful knowledge and fascinating tales of Ceylon’s spice history he wrote and launched a  book, The Spic(e)y Story. The book details Ceylon’s variety of spices, the struggles, triumphs, and the gradual improvements the industry saw over time.

Further milestones during his successful years of service and a wealth of historic information can be found within the pages of The Spic(e)y Story.

After serving the Spice Industry and being in the corporate limelight for over 60 years, Chatoor has decided to bid adieu and step down from his responsibilities and enjoy much-needed superannuation.  Gulam Chatoor will no longer play an active role on the many Committees he has been associated with, but will always be readily available to offer his advice and share his vast knowledge on many disciplines familiar to him.

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