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Sri Lanka Agripreneurs’ Forum and I/D/E/A/S Announce Partnership Launch “Agcelerator” Funding and Mentoring Program for Agri SMEs and Startups

Sri Lanka Agripreneurs’ Forum (SLAF), the leading agribusiness association in Sri Lanka, and I/D/E/A/S
(Initiatives in Development of Entrepreneur Approaches & Strategies), a group of retired Sri Lankan
professionals dedicated to giving back to the country is pleased to announce their strategic partnership
for the launch of the “Agcelerator” program. This collaborative initiative aims to support and empower
innovative agri startups and SMEs through funding, investments, visibility, and mentoring opportunities.
The partnership between SLAF and I/D/E/A/S marks a significant milestone in Sri Lanka’s agricultural
sector. With SLAF’s extensive industry knowledge and expertise, coupled with I/D/E/A/S’ strong track
record of philanthropic endeavors, this collaboration sets the stage for transformative advancements in
the agribusiness landscape.

The “Agcelerator” program will provide a comprehensive platform for agri startups and SMEs to
accelerate their growth and scale their ventures. Through a tailored approach, participants will receive
financial support of up to Rupees Five Hundred Thousand, strategic investments, increased visibility in
the industry, and invaluable guidance from experienced mentors. This holistic support system aims to
nurture and shape the next generation of agripreneurs in Sri Lanka.

“We are excited to join forces with I/D/E/A/S to launch the ‘Agcelerator’ program,” said Mr. Rizvi Zaheed,
Chairman of SLAF. “This collaboration brings together our shared vision of fostering innovation and
entrepreneurship in the agribusiness sector. Through the program, we aim to empower agri startups and
SMEs, creating a thriving ecosystem that drives economic growth and sustainable development.”
Mr. Lalit Godamunne, Treasurer (and former Chairman) of I/D/E/A/S, stated, “Our group is committed to
supporting initiatives that have a lasting impact on Sri Lanka’s socio-economic landscape. The
‘Agcelerator’ program aligns perfectly with our mission to foster innovation and empower entrepreneurs.
We believe this collaboration will catalyze the growth of agri startups and SMEs, driving positive change
in the agricultural sector.”

SLAF and I/D/E/A/S invite all interested agri SMEs and startups to participate in the “Agcelerator”
program. To learn more about the application process and eligibility criteria, please visit the SLAF website
at www.agripreneur.lk or contact SLAF via email at [email protected].

SLAF is the premier agribusiness association in Sri Lanka, boasting a diverse membership base of
individuals, SMEs, corporates, and institutions. With a focus on fostering innovation, knowledge
exchange, and advocacy, SLAF plays a pivotal role in driving the growth and sustainability of the
agricultural sector in Sri Lanka.

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