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Statement by Pyramid Wilmar (Private) Limited


Apr 2, 2021

The Management of Pyramid Wilmar (Private) Limited (“Pyramid Wilmar”) wishes to make the following statement in response to recent media and social reports on imported coconut oil with high levels of Aflatoxin:

  1. Pyramid Wilmar is an organization that engages in ethical business, following good governance and best practices which form the core of its existence and operation. By virtue of its uncompromising standards and dedicated commitment to its clientele and stakeholders, Pyramid Wilmar’s “Fortune” brand of products have earned leading standing in Sri Lanka’s cooking oil market.
  • Pyramid Wilmar manufactures cooking oils under stringent quality parameters and are duly compliant with international and local health and safety required standards such as FSSC 22000, ISO 14001, ISO 9001, HACCP, GMP and health & safety guidelines.
  • Furthermore, Pyramid Wilmar wishes to reiterate that its cooking oil products imported are subjected to requisite testing and verification before release into the local market. All cooking oils released to the market by Pyramid Wilmar are only released upon being duly certified as compliant with requisite quality standards, including total Aflatoxin levels in Coconut Oil as stipulated by the Sri Lankan regulatory authorities.
  • As a responsible corporate entity, Pyramid Wilmar would like to reassure its valued clientele and stakeholders that it considers them of paramount importance and value, with their health, nourishment and well-being being its primary concern, at all times.  Pyramid Wilmar will continue to strive to serve their best interests without compromise.
  • Pyramid Wilmar categorically denies certain fabricated and false allegations/insinuations against its products including cooking oils, fat spreads and industrial margarines. Such allegations/insinuations against Pyramid Wilmar are demonstrably false, baseless and maliciously contrived with a view to discredit and damage Pyramid Wilmar’s reputation and standing in the market.  Pyramid Wilmar reserves its right to take appropriate legal action against those making these allegations/insinuations.
  • Should any person have any queries or wish to seek any further clarification or provide any information in this regard, Pyramid Wilmar urges such persons to contact its Group Legal Officer on 0775973182 or write to [email protected]
  •  All rights of Pyramid Wilmar are hereby expressly reserved.
  • Management, Pyramid Wilmar (Private) Limited.

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