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“Unico” Water Pumps by Solex Group Celebrates 15 Years in Business


Aug 28, 2021

Sri Lankan Water Pump consumers were delighted to have a new manufacturer in the market 40 years ago where they enjoyed a choice of selecting a new brand named “SOLEX”, the name entrusted with Water Pumps, that covered the full array of Water Systems including domestic, agricultural and industrial sectors. Over the last 40 years, Solex has won the hearts and minds of many Sri Lankans and it has become the highest selling Water Pump manufactured in Sri Lanka using cutting edge technology.

Expanding its brand portfolio with the intention of introducing Water Pumps which offer great value for money amongst other Water Pump importers in the market, Solex group of companies announced its new member named “Unico Water Pumps” to the Sri Lankan Market in 2005. With the introduction of Unico Water Pumps, the company was able to expand its brand portfolio into the mass segments of Sri Lankan consumers and has proved to be an immense success. From the inception, the objective of presenting a new brand under Solex Family was to offer consumers with a superior and a quality product at a competitive price to conquer amongst the importers in the same market.

The concept of Unico was introduced by Mr. Upali Wijayasiri (Chairman) and his wife Mrs. Manjula Wijayasiri (dep. Chairman/ Director Operations) to cater to common consumer requirements and strengthen overall grip of the company in the Water Pump industry.

Marking the 15th anniversary of introducing Unico Pumps, dep. Chairman/ Director Operations Mrs. Manjula Wijayasiri stated “We are a company providing high quality and value-added solutions to our prestigious consumers. Unico has gradually strengthened its grip in Sri Lankan market over the past decade and the brand has widened its range of products to a greater extent. Currently, the Unico domestic line-up of Water Pumps range from 0.5Hp- 2HP and in addition, there is a range of Submersible and Tube Well Pumps also on offer to its consumers. I congratulate the Solex team for making Unico journey quite successful and worthwhile. We shall work hard for many more years to come in both Solex and Unico.”

Over the last 15 years, Unico has gone from strength to strength offering the local consumers with its high quality domestic, submersible and tube well Pumps.

The brand has also won the trust of local hardwares and dealers who have a special liking to promote Unico due to its excellent product quality and dedicated after sales service. A vital part of manufacturing Unico Pumps is done at the esteemed factory complex located in Ganemulla where a dedicated staff led by a team of engineers ensure the assembly of Unico Pumps are done in accordance with highest international quality standards. Unico Pumps are now available at all leading Hardwares island wide. For more information visit: www.solex.lk.

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