• Fri. May 17th, 2024

The Board of Directors of Commercial Bank green-lighted the appointment of Justice K. Sripavan as the New Chairman of the Bank with effect from 21st of this month, upon the retirement of K G D D Dheerasinghe.

Dheerasinghe is set to retire on 20th of this month, after completing his 9-year tenure as the Chairman of the Bank.

Justice K. Sripavan has been serving as an Independent Non-Executive Director of the Board of Commercial Bank since April 2017.

Meanwhile, Prof. A.K.W. Jayawardane is set to take over as the Deputy Chairperson of the Bank from 29th of December this year, following the retirement of M P Jayawardena on 28th of this month.

Prof.Jayawardane has been serving as a Non-Executive Independent Director of the Commercial Bank of Ceylon PLC since April 2015.

He was a former Vice-Chancellor of Moratuwa University and a senior professor in civil engineering.

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