• Wed. Jun 12th, 2024

Sri Lanka Prepares to launch its first official Tourism ‘Travel App’ to Assure post-COVID travelers with Unique Experiences

Sri Lanka is preparing to launch its first official Tourism ‘Travel App’ with the assistance of World
Bank and Asian Development Bank with a focus on enhancing the visitor experience and improving the service quality of post-COVID travelers.

“The app was developed following a benchmarking exercise on other travel apps. We believe ours will set a new standard,” the country’s Tourism Chief, Kimarli Fernando said.

The developers of the App has already complied over 5000 sites islandwide, permitting ticket purchases, event calendar, maps, tourist sites. It will also incorporate a complaint management tool, survey, and emergency button connected to the nearest police station, in case of an emergency.

“We are improving customer experience and thereby the service quality. We continue to improve ourselves and we are growth-focused. Sri Lanka is ready!!,” she stressed yesterday at the virtual Sri Lanka Investment Forum.

Fernando expects to enhance Sri Lanka’s Digital Footprint globally through the five-year global campaign. which would be complemented by ‘A Five Year Research Road Map’ funded by the Australian Government which enable informed
decision making for both the policymakers and industry stakeholders in the country.

“We are Focusing on ‘Experiences’ in marketing to millennials and post covid travellers,” she underscored.

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