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Sri Lanka’s air pollution levels have returned back to normal levels from the sudden rise in air pollution levels recorded in late October.

“the pollutant levels are in decreasing trend since 3rd of November 2020 evening and the levels recorded on 4th November 2020 is within the moderate level (US AQI level of 50–100, 18mg/m3<PM2.5 < 35mg/m3), “the National Building Research Organisation (NBRO) said in a recent update on air quality.

The air quality level over Sri Lanka had increased significantly from 27th October 2020 up to the 3rd of this month.

” This sudden increase of air pollutants especially Particulate Matter (PM2.5) levels of the environment all over the country remained at relatively high levels (US AQI of 100-150, PM2.5>35mg/m3) which could affect the sensitive groups such as infants, elderly people, pregnant women and the people who are suffering from breathing difficulties during this period,” NBRO explained.

The Organisation noted that the decrease in air pollution level in Sri Lanka is mainly due to the reduction of pollutant contributions by trans-boundary effect as the wind pattern around the country was changed.

However, NBRO said that the trans-boundary pollution contribution is still remaining with only the intensity being reduced.

Based on predictions, it expects the present pollutant levels to be further reduced during the next few days depending on the wind pattern around the country.

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