• Wed. Jul 24th, 2024

Sri Lanka’s offshore Wind generation capacity may reach 1GW by 2030- World Bank

The World Bank (WB) has commenced the industry consultation process to develop an offshore Wind Development Roadmap for Sri Lanka. By 2030, installed offshore Wind generation capacity is estimated to reach 0.5-1 GW as per preliminary estimates.

The industry stakeholders are requested to submit their views on the draft report before the 3rd of October this year.

The grid integration, energy balance, and potential for interconnection with India to allow the sale of energy have been identified as key considerations for the growth of this sector.

The main purpose of this exercise is to independently evaluate the potential of the Sri Lankan offshore wind market, and its capacity to support the growing regional offshore wind market while providing the Sri Lankan Government with an insight into the challenges and opportunities of developing the offshore wind sector. It aims to create a practical roadmap to help inform policy-making decisions and to produce a roadmap report that is relevant and informative to a wide range of stakeholders interested in Sri Lanka’s ‘green transition

Further, it will be proposing and identifying a potential “Demonstration Project” for further development.

The project is implemented under the Energy Sector Management Assistance Program (ESMAP), global knowledge and technical assistance program administered by the World Bank.

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